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Love is Everything
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Love is the most vital ingredient of our life. Without Love, Life will be a Big zero and empty. It helps to iron out our problems. All Religions also exist to nourish the spread and growth of love among us.

Love generally refers to the affection and association for anything. Many of us love our family, friends and neighbors.on and so forth.Some are strange to love animals and some others love flowers on.

Life without love has no charm. It is like a lonely tree in a desert.Similarly, a person without love is a skin-clad bone cage only.

Love consists of  two types as "Specific" and "Pure."

Specific type refers to the normal love and affection among human beings. This is generally restricted to the members within a group. Example is Family.

Pure love looks beyond and extends to other life forms like Animals, Insects, Birds, etc...

Pure love has no limitations like selfishness, region, creed or caste. It has no boundaries and in fact integrates with Nature.

Pure love shares with others.

Pure love helps others in times of grief and sorrows.

Pure love breeds enduring peace and happiness.

True love brings out the divinity in you.

This is what Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi practiced when they lived on this planet.

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