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Procrastination is like a disease that spoils a person’s life.

We all suffer from it at varying degrees throughout our lives and hence, I consider it a disease for the impact it has on lives. Lost opportunities, regrets, depression  are to name a few.

There’s always the feeling that what is due now can be done later and feels better-doing later. Better kill that thought immediately, prioritize your tasks and get them done without much fuss and rush.

Our habits and thoughts have to be trained like a bodybuilder or athlete to cultivate the habit of doing continuous work on time.

When an amazing idea or a cool new thought popped in your mind, don’t put it off, get it done then and there. Here also when more than one occurs, jot down them in a piece of paper or smart phone or tablet for execution or implementation subsequently....but be done without much delay.

As you go through the motion of putting your plan in action, all sorts of doubts about the idea and your abilities will pop up in your mind, ignore them and push on. Ignore the fear of failure as there is no such thing as failure if you keep moving.

Many a times, we are confronted with the shortage of time or inability to focus on issues that warrant our  attention. This sort of situation arises mainly due to our improper planning and execution.

Here Ten vital ideas are listed for enabling a person to effectively utilize the limited and irreversible time.

  1. Focus on the Important and Urgent things.
  2. Remove the Clutter.
  3. Get Organized and Stay That Way.
  4. Set Daily Goals and Rewards.
  5. Execute Decisions Faster.
  6. Delegate and Learn to Love It.
  7. Just say No to other works or even entertainment.
  8. Seek others help when in a dilemma.
  9. Avoid last minute rush.
  10. Learn While You Workout.

You can develop your own ways and methods, but definitely they will revolve around these ideas only.

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