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Pray For All
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Prayers are meant for claiming welfare. But many people behave selfishly in this respect as they pray for the fulfilment of their self-interest like success in studies, winning contracts and deals and for good Heath and wealth. Community Prayers are done for the welfare of an individual or the society. Rarely, very few individuals like Saints and Religious leaders pray for the welfare of others or the communities. Why an individual should do the prayer for the welfare of all life forms that exist on the earth. This will make us a broad-minded person without selfishness. Ultimately this will breed fraternity and peace for all of us.

Prayers make you go closer to God. But when you do service to others, God comes closer to you.

Service here refers to any type of assistance rendered. It can be in the form of giving funds or providing the materials like cloth, food, medicine, etc.. Even it can be the soothing words and prayers wishing the welfare.

Service to others means such service made to all kinds of life on this earth. Share your wealth and health for serving Humans, Animals and Insects.

Hinduism has gone a step further to say "Feed the departed souls and ancestors by practising rituals ".

Say prayers whenever you happen to see a sick person or a sick dog or animal. If not possible to help such poor fellows directly, we can do by wishing them a fast recovery thorough our simple prayers said to God. Even when I happen to see or hear an ambulance pass by, I use to pray to God for helping the ailing or suffering soul. the name for such act of yours.

Therefore remember " Service to Others is service to God only".

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