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Wishing Happiness Forever
Religion For Guidance
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Religions abound in our world.Yet we are in pursuit of newer ways to gain the peace and happiness. But end up in conflicts and confusions through promoting each religion without understanding the basics. How to resolve this tangle?


The concept of Religion is said to have evolved from the day when Man started believing in the Nature or some supernatural powers that be.
There are many and different religions in our world. Only with the advent of new ideas and civilizations, new religions have emerged. This is akin to the formation of new outfits to promote the concepts and objectives of a particular industry or sector.

Each religion emerged due to the varied perceptions of same God. It is the convenience and environments that caused the birth of new faiths and beliefs as a religion.

Each religion calls the same God by different names. Just like calling the same water as Pacific Ocean, Atlantic and Indian oceans. How could there be different Gods? We have only One Sky, One Earth, One Water, One Fire and One Air. These five elements are called as "Panchaboothas" in Sanskrit.

Everything in our world, be it a human, an animal, or a tree, appear and perish on the same earth. That means all these have origin and end within one place only. That one place is the familiar God. This has been elaborately discussed in Bhagavad Gita of Hindu religion while speaking about the secrets of life.

Again, all human beings are made up of the same structure: one head, two arms, two legs and one body. Only the color and size of each of us varies from one region to another and among the individuals.

All religions actually show the pathways to reach God by sharing and helping others like different routes, whether Rail, Road or Air, make you reach the same destination.


All religions preach the same ideals of Fraternity, Tolerance, Love, Peace, and Coexistence for Happiness to all that exist on this earth. Do not blame the religions for the evil doings of one set of the people while the majority people prefer the ways for peaceful and happy living with others.


It is the wrong interpretation of the concepts and ideologies by the selfish minded people who as leaders misguide the followers of any religion. Whatever be, these religions have the common and sole purpose of guiding the people towards happy and harmonious living. So, each religion might call the same God by different names.


Therefore, let us use our religion as a medium for fostering peace, integrity and happiness of all that exist on our earth. NOT for any purpose other than a constructive idea.The significance of religion as a life enhancer can be well understood as it is mentioned in BhagvadGita.

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