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10 Steps To Find a Good Hotel
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  • The foremost factor is the purpose of your trip. If it is official , you can opt for the hotel that suits your tariff entitlement provided by your employer or business.  A trip for personal reason will always be based on the strength of your wallet. So the money  is the key factor here.
  • The length of stay is the second vital aspect to decide the type of hotel you require. If it's one day trip, even a small accommodation with moderate amenities will suffice. When you need to put up for a long period, a good place of stay is necessary.
  • Look for the discount and other concessions available for an accommodation from different online travel agencies .
  • Ascertain the various discounts and complimentary services like conveyance, food, wifi, gym and sports facilities provided by various hotels and analyse these vis-a-vis the tariff charged to choose the one suitable for you.
  • Location forms another deciding factor. Proximity to the bus stations, rail heads, airports, etc.... Is important for your stay and roaming in the place. However, the cost of stay tends to be more when you choose a hotel located in the heart of the town.
  • Atmosphere of the hotel is important . This goes to describe about the ambience of the interior of the accommodation. Again this comes at a cost as higher tariff is levied corresponding to the neatness and calmness of an accommodation. That doesn't mean that places charging lower room tariff will have poor  atmosphere. Even heavily priced hotels sometimes maintain a poor service.
  • Always read about the ratings and reviews of the people who already visited the hotel. Here remember to note when the last review was done.Because if a hotel is frequently commented upon, it indirectly tells about the popularity of the place. Never choose a hotel where the last review was more than 3 months old.
  • Always consult your friends and relatives and those who frequently travel. This source gives the first hand information and also you stand to gain the experience of others when planning for a trip
  • Never make any advance payment to a hotel unless you're sure that place is a good one. Many good hotels tend to collect the advance payment with a rider that if the booking is not cancelled before the stipulated date, a certain percentage of your advance money will be deducted when refund is sought. SO BE ALERT on this score.
  • Before deciding to book a room, make it a habit to inspect the room and the toilet  to get feel of  the sanitation standards of that hotel. Many a times, you would find this trick helps you to avoid staying in a bad hotel and also save your precious money. So DON'T REGRET after booking the room.
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