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Safe Shopping
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Online shopping is the easiest and simplest way of buying your favorite goods and services. Taking the necessary precautions would enable you for safe and happy shopping online.

Before proceeding to make transactions in a site, you have to make sure the following vital aspects are satisfied to protect yourselves.

1) Understand actual needs: Have a clear idea of what you want before landing on the particular website. This would save your          precious time and help in getting the benefit of additional options to choose and make your shopping decision.

2) Reliability of the site: Before disclosing any personal information, check the security of the website. Look at the URL and make       sure you find "Lock" and "https." in the beginning of the website address. Another indication is the "Lock icon" in the status bar of your     browser. You can see the security details of the site.

3) Check for ISIS accreditation: ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) is a regulatory body which emphasizes the need for proper and          honest dealings. ISIS verifies the online shops after a comprehensive review of their services over the net. The ISIS certification can       be checked in the site itself.

4) Read the reviews: About the product that you plan to buy. Also seek the opinion of your friends and relatives about such products which they already purchased.

5) Look for Discounts: This helps in buying the goods at a lower price. Many websites offer discounts all the time and the same is made        heavier and attractive during special occasions like Festivals, Clearance and New year sales.

6) Compare the price: Visit all the reliable online shops for your product and search for the price and any offers. Then make a comparison      of the prices at these sites to choose the one suitable for you.

7) Read the Return and Refund policies: Each website has its own policies and terms of service which you must read and understand         before making any transactions. Otherwise, you will end up in a waste of money and time if you cannot claim the refund in case if you are         not satisfied with the quality and return the product to the seller/online shop.

8) Select the payment method: Different options are offered in each site, but you have to choose the safe and reliable method. Very few sites provide the Cash-on- Delivery facility which is safe for you.

9) Cross check the bank account: Once payment is made, go to your bank website and confirm the payment has been made without any additional charges over and above the price at which you bought in the online shop.

10) Update your computer: This helps to protect you from online frauds. For this purpose, install the latest anti-virus, anti-spy ware, pop-up blocker and network attack block programs.

Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are some of the best online shops.

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