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Success in life depends on several aspects like education, friendship, intelligence, sincerity, etc. However, the lack of initiative spoils the life, even though a person possesses good education and other attributes. A famous business firm was wound up due to the indolence and apathy of the stake holders. Laziness is actually a disorder borne out of selfish attitude. One that gets rid of this is said to be wise and awaken. A person should work hard throughout life excepting in situations like sickness, fatigue, etc. Even the animals and birds remain busy, but the six-sensed man prefers to be lazy and casual. Observe the Ants, Bees and Squirrels for understanding the activeness. 'How the laziness affects our life' is described here below.

Constant work keeps a person healthy and happy. If the heart stops functioning due to laziness or fatigue, our life comes to an end. Failure to maintain our body leads to the decay and damages to the visceral parts. An erratic intake of medicines complicates the health. Non-adherence to regular physical exercise revives the sickness. Excessive sleep from laziness upsets the plans of self and others. Languor to undergo the periodical medical check-up has a disastrous impact. Alcohol abuse is found to induce laziness.

Wealth: Lack of alertness produces pilferage and embezzlement. Inaction to maintain the estates makes the unscrupulous people squander the assets. Waywardness and sloth bring liabilities and disrepute to the legacy. Great Kingdoms saw the downfall owing to the irresponsible and dull heirs indulging in fun and frolic. Abundance also instills the habit of casualness and tendency to remain idle.

Development: Though endowed with all resources and support, a society or country remains backward or underdeveloped primarily .due to the inertia of the people. On the contrary, some societies display extraordinary resilience and courage to grow faster in spite of the frequent natural hurdles like volcanoes, dry weather, etc. experienced in their regions. The inaction and sluggish attitude of the rulers have led to the poor living standards of people residing in a country. What else can be attributed to the pathetic conditions like Malnutrition, Poverty, etc..! Laziness prevented an athlete from attending regular coaching and thus, lost the prospects of winning championship and fame. Students who did not practise adequately failed in the exams.

Spirituality. With persistence and sincerity only, great saints and scholars achieved the self-realization and the divine powers. Yoga and meditation produce harmful effects if they are not practised regularly.
If everyone was lazy, we wouldn't have had the great towers, forts, bridges, automobiles, Internet, etc. Pope Paul VI said, "All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today."