The Pandemic - Covid2019 | Print |

A Fall-out of Competition for Power

And Exploitation of Nature.

Invisible thing lacking grace

Intends to decimate human race.

Invades lungs so harsh

Incubators to rescue, rush.

Nations boasting Superpower

Not knowing to control forever.

Governments scurry with plans

Giving Quarantine and Lockdowns.

Tremendous service and sacrifice

Tendered by souls of health and public service.

Besides hampering livelihood

Brought effects of Good.

Everyone grows conscious

Endorsing health as auspicious.

Kids rejoice with parents at home

Kith and Kin reunion to bloom.

Water and Air with less strain

Want of pollution and drain.

Birds and Animals feel freed

Bouncing on every land.

Sun and Moon look bigger

Shining more brighter.

Gracefully Nature reminds

Greed and Pride when overtake us.