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Wishing Happiness Forever Colors of Life
Never Imitate
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Actually, they stand to lose themselves. Instead, they should identify and develop the inherent potential which is unique to them.

It's a crazy world.Many of us try to imitate others. If your neighbour gets the latest Smart TV, you scramble to get the same for your home also. When the kids of your friend study in a good college, making all efforts to see your children also get admission in the same place. If you friend buys a new jewellery, yearning to do the same thing.

Why not we understand the needs that are appropriate to us? Why don't we realise what is our potential and make a difference out of it. Each person has distinct and inherent skill. The one who identifies and develops that innate ability is bound to shine in life. This is the secret of all successful personalities.

To be precise, Discover the power hidden within you.

All great Achievers had this quality in common.

God Krishna preached this through Bhagavad Gita as " One should act according to one's own nature. Even if this appears faulty, this is better than doing something unnatural. Better to die engaged in duties appropriate of one's nature because unnatural work only brings evil and danger to everybody."

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