Never Judge Wrongly
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The process of deciding or drawing a conclusion by one person on another person about anybody or anything or any matter is termed as "Judgement".

Here we are not talking about the Judgement by the judiciary or courts of law.

Only two types of judgments are available. 1)Wrong judgement: refers to "making the inference that is quite against the one done in the normal course"This type is always branded as "Biased (or) Crude (or) Lacking in truth (or)Without application of mind". 2)Correct judgement: denotes the conclusion made based on all factors and facts in an unbiased manner. This is termed as" Truth always triumphs(or)Landmark judgement (or)God sent".We are not to judge others in the sense of condemning them from an attitude of superiority, but we are supposed to make value judgments.

Let me narrate the two real life incidents that I came across.

Court Case

When the court opened its morning session, the Judge ordered "the defense lawyer should complete the cross-examination when a witness is admitted. No excuse or postponing will be allowed as it leads to the wastage of precious time and energy of everyone".

Added the Judge" How long you will drag the case like this which has already reached it's 6 the year".

The Defense lawyer said" My Senior is in another court. Please give permission to have this session in the afternoon".

This was accepted readily. But when the first witness(myself) completed the presentation, the senior advocate very coolly said, "Sir, I need time to study the papers for making the cross-examination".

What was the response from the Judge?..........can you JUDGE.

Readily the Honorable Judge agreed for postponing to another day. And the Judge requested my convenient date for the cross-examination. What to Do?

...This is the "Wrong Judgement" type. Because, the whole day was wasted by me and another witness due to the wrong conclusion made by the learned person?

School Incident

In a classroom, a student accidentally hit the classmate who was drinking water from his waterbottle. As a result, the water spilled over on to the notebook kept by another student. But the owner of the notebook got annoyed and beat the student whose drinking water spilled. In retaliation, the latter also beat the first student having the notebook. This incident was brought to the attention of the Principal of the school.

All the three students were asked to stay away from attending the school for the next 4 days. This punishment was given despite the students expressing the mistakes and their parents request not to punish like this. It was informed by the students of that class that generally the Principal is having a dislike for them and hence a biased approach.

The behaviour and judgement of the Principal were not correct according to me. It amounted to a punishment given in an NCC or Military camp. Either the Principal should have made all these students to shake hands and take a pledge " They will remain good friends and conduct themselves properly hereafter." Many people suffer because of the wrong decision or judgement made by somebody else...Be it the Policy makers, Politicians, Teachers, etc..

Leaving judgment to God does not mean that criminals and other wrongdoers are to go unpunished.They will repent in future, for all that bad things done to others. Everything has an End.

Even an Atheist secretly prays to the God when he attains his old age.

So, let us be fair and composed when judging any things for that matter. Those who remain fair and unbiased always lead a Happy Life.

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