Dream World
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Why we, human beings, don't have absolute freedom like birds?Human beings alone claim rights over land and other resources that are common for all that exist in the world. You can call this as 'Restrictive freedom.' No bird or animal has ever claimed any right to own a land, building or forest, but they can freely fly or move to other countries or continents at will. This freedom is  Absolute Freedom.'

Only human beings have made laws and rules controlling free movements between places and also for settling in other places. Human beings make all the fuss about wealth and health. They make artificial and superficial embellishment in the name of science and technology which actually cause more damage than value additions. The consequences are environmental pollution, ecological imbalances, greenhouse effects, depletion of ozone, etc. As a result, material welfare has overtaken the moral welfare. Consumerism has spoiled the environments and moral values. Why don't we think of an ideal world for removing the above aberration'?

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The ideal world desired for peaceful and happy living of all that exist on this earth, will have the following salient features.

Sole Nation: There will be only one nation but spread over five continents without any territorial boundaries. There will not be any passport or visa formalities or the procedures for moving from place to place. Everyone will have the absolute freedom of movement and settlement in any other place that he or she wishes to do so. Only one law will prevail for regulating and maintaining the Equity for all. The best of minds from all walks of life as politics, religion, administration, etc.. will be pooled to assist the leaders elected by the citizens of the One-Nation. There will be one local and elected government for each continent.

Soulful Religion: The citizens of the ideal world will have the Liberty to practice the religions they like, but they will be supervised to ensure amity.

Peace and Prosperity: Development and welfare of the citizens will be the sole aim of the single nation. Equitable distribution of assets and freedom will remain as the permanent agenda.

When an Ideal world is formed, even God will praise us and take pride in His creations.

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