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The world's development can be classified in two periods as 'Hardware-oriented' and 'Software-driven.' The first period started with the invention of a wheel whilst the computer began the second part. We are living in the software era where everything is controlled by the so-called program or language. Technology enables our life and spoils as well. Technology comes at a heavy price: because it triggers new sources of destruction also. Definitely, it is the way how we use the technology that matters the most. A few cases are quoted here to highlight the issues that emerge from the excessive and improper use of technology in our daily life.

Processed and Frozen food: Use fresh water, vegetables, fruits and other foods. That too, locally available food is the best for good health. Avoid and shun the processed and canned foods or drinks to the possible extent. The stored and frozen food always undergoes the chemical changes and becomes unfit for consumption.

Genetically Modified crops: These might yield more food production and profit, but result in health hazards and environmental problems. Even the native plants and animals would become extinct. That's why organic farming and its products are advocated of late.

Chemicals and Pesticides: Constant inhalation of harmful materials and gases causes cancer. Such condition is induced when we get exposed repeatedly to the chemicals in the fruits and vegetables grown on plants and trees sprayed with pesticides. Intensive farming with fertilizers and pesticides has rendered the soil unfit for further cultivation while affecting the life of the native insects and predators. Refineries and chemical factories spew both air and water pollutants. The classic example is the Bhopal (India) gas tragedy due to the leak of poisonous gas from the Union Carbide factory that occurred in December, 1984. Chemical and biological warfare are employed killing several innocent lives.

Electronic Goods: Radiation from computer monitors affects the regular user. Prolonged use of laptops is reported to have bruised the user's thighs. The cell phones not only affect the health, but even kill if used while driving or walking on the road. An air conditioner causes sinusitis and respiratory disorders. Thanks to the television and the Internet, many people have become lazy in physical and mental activities. Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Inc., admitted in an interview that his children had restricted access to the iPad and the Internet as the overexposure would affect their natural growth.

Nuclear Energy: After-effects of the reactor destruction and nuclear explosion are common knowledge. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine during April,1986 led to the spread of radioactive particles in the atmosphere of western USSR and Europe.

Microwave tower: Mushrooming of the microwave towers used in telecommunication is reported to affect the health of people residing in their vicinity while birds like sparrows have disappeared.

Excessive and indiscriminate use of science and technology for development has led to the encroachment of forests, depletion of the ozone, and global warming. Several parts of the world are already experiencing the climatic changes like unseasonal rains, snowfalls and droughts. Many species of flora and fauna are becoming scarce and extinct owing to the above reason. Welfare of man takes place at the cost of other life forms that make up the integral links of Earth's sustenance.

'Too much of anything is good for nothing' holds relevant at all times. We have only one Earth. Let us strive to use the technology judiciously for safety and security of all its inhabitants.

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