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Wishing Happiness Forever Colors of Life
Friendship, Vital Link

Friendship is the best relationship next only to the Family system that a person should have to lead a more meaningful life in this world. The quality and quantity of your friendship also determine the level of your success and happiness of your life. Quantity refers to the number of friends you have and the Quality represents the support and contribution made by your friends.

Abraham Lincoln said " I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend."

People boast of having a huge network of friends as a symbol of social status but the quality will be lacking as reflected by the formal interactions .Only lip service with bad intentions lying inside their mind.

Many people think friendship is only for gaining or earning money .Sorry, they are of selfish and self-centered nature: such friendship cannot long last and are bound to come to an end at any moment. Some people take the friendship for granted and they anticipate their friends to help them without reciprocation. But, true friendship is the one that always gives out and doesn't expect anything in return. One step further, a Good friend tolerates all the pains in making the Bad friend into a Good fellow.

The Chinese proverb says " Even two can sleep on a tamarind leaf if they are true friends."

My haiku on Friendship is

"East or west, the Best Friendship

bears and beats the of Life's hardship"

People always make friends of equal status. Poor with poor. Affluents with rich. Enemies of enemies. Drunkards with drunkards. Thieves with thieves. Passengers with passenger. Workers with same workers. Officers with officers. Scholars seek scholars. Saints with saints.

The friends who stand with you during times of turbulence are the real one. Others actually get you tough times.

Very rarely, people of unequal status become friends. Such relationship is either short-lived or long lasting.

But true relationship of mutual trust and help leads to ever lasting bond.

The one for temporal gains will break away sooner than later.

4th August is celebrated as Friendship Day.

Remember to be a Good friend to even your opponent.


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